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State Bank of India New York Branch is not able, at this time, to accept requests for accounts/deposits from retail banking applicants residing in California.        |         Accepting Non-Face to Face Requests: Effective May 01, 2020, the Bank does not accept any service request sent over email /fax. Please click here for information on acceptable modes for non-face to face request.

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Enjoy flexibility and cater to your financial needs with our non-interest bearing Checking Account services.Opening a Checking Account with SBI can be done for US resident consumers subject to terms & conditions.

State Bank of India, New York Branch will send money transfer/remittances for Deposit customers only. They may choose to open Checking/Money Market Deposit Account. Customer manual and forms are available on our website.

Interest rates for Certificate of Deposit Account and Senior Citizen Certificate of Deposit.

Online Banking - Retail & Corporate and Online Account Opening.

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