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Privacy Policy Customer Notice

[This Privacy Policy has been framed as per laws of the United States and is, therefore, applicable to only customers of the U.S. branches/ agency of the Bank. The word SBI in the text below means the "U.S. Operations of SBI”.]

Privacy Policy

Building and maintaining customer confidence has always been a priority in State Bank of India (“SBI”). We in SBI recognize and respect the trust you repose in us when you share your personal information with us. Consistent with federal regulations requiring every financial institution to provide customers with information about its policy and practice related to sharing of customer’s personal financial information, we are setting forth below our Privacy Policy and urge you to review the information provided in this Notice.


SBI’s Branches and Rep. Office in the United States:

In the United States, SBI currently conducts business through branches located at 460 Park Avenue, New York (“New York Branch”), 19 South LaSalle Street, Chicago (“Chicago Branch”) and 707 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles (“Los Angeles Wholesale Banking Branch”). SBI also maintains a representative office at 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. (“Washington Rep Office”). These offices are collectively referred to as SBI-US in this Notice.

This Privacy Policy has been adopted by and applies to SBI-US. It outlines the type of personal information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, and with whom we share it. This Privacy Policy applies to information of existing as well as former customers.

Our Commitment

SBI-US is committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information. In order to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information, we restrict access to your accounts only to those employees who need to know this information to provide you with account services or for SBI-US’s internal accounting, review and compliance purposes. We require that all SBI-US employees maintain the confidentiality of your personal information. We endeavor to maintain physical, technological and procedural safeguards and security that comply with federal guidelines.

Why We Collect Information

We collect and use various types of information from and about you; however, we limit the information to the minimum required to:

  • Accurately identify you when you are conducting financial transactions with SBI-US to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your personal and financial information
  • To better understand your financial needs and to offer you with preferred rates, payments, products and other related services to help you achieve your financial objectives consistent with our business norms and practices.
  • To properly manage our business.
Information that SBI-US Collects

In order to understand your financial needs and provide you with products and services designed to meet your objectives and to better service your accounts, SBI-US obtains information about you from the following sources:

  • Applications, forms and other documentation you complete and information you provide in person, by phone or other means to open account with SBI-US, in connection with SBI-US’s products and services.
Example of such information include your name, address, marital status, family, social security number or tax identification number, income, assets, debts and liabilities.


  • Your account and transactions with SBI-US, SBI-US’s affiliates and others.
  • Your transactions with other companies and persons. Examples of such information include your employment history, loan balances, credit card operations etc.
  • Consumer reporting agencies such as credit bureaus.
Information SBI-US may share with Affiliates:

In case of those customers who maintain deposit or loan accounts with SBI-US, SBI-US may share information about their account history and experience within SBI’s affiliates providing banking, financial, merchant banking, investment banking and insurance services (“SBI family companies”). SBI-US may also share within SBI family companies other non-public personal information about such customers such as information received from them in applications, forms, other documentation and information received from credit bureaus.

Information SBI-US may share with nonaffiliated third parties:
SBI-US does not share or sell nonpublic personal information about SBI-US customers or former customers to nonaffiliated third parties, except as permitted by law. Few illustrations are given below:

SBI-US may share nonpublic personal information (as described below) with nonaffiliated third parties contracted on behalf of SBI-US to perform services necessary for the routine operation of your account(s). This includes services such as check printing, data processing, debit card issuance, loan servicing and fraud prevention.

SBI-US may also share non-public personal information with nonaffiliated third parties performing marketing services on our behalf, with other financial institutions with which SBI-US has or may have a joint marketing agreement. In all such cases, the nonaffiliated third party receiving the nonpublic personal information would be required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and to use such information only for the purpose for which it was disclosed to such party. SBI-US may also share nonpublic personal information as permitted or required by law, judicial or other governmental process (such as under provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act 2001) or for regulatory and statutory reports and audits or as may be authorized by you.

Nonpublic personal information SBI-US may share with nonaffiliated third parties as described in this paragraph includes:
  • Information SBI-US receives from you on application and other loan or account forms and documentation, such as name, address, age, assets, income and liabilities.
  • Information received from credit bureaus such as your credit score, creditworthiness and payment history.
  • Information obtained to verify representations made by you such as your credit or deposit accounts with other financial institutions, or your employment history.
  • Your name, address, account number and Social Security Number with the service provider for printing Form 1099 and your name, address and account number with the service provider who prints checks.
  • Your name, address, account number, phone number, mother’s maiden name, driver’s license number and Social Security Number with the service provider for issuing debit card to you. Such information may be used by the debit card service provider to monitor your debit card transactions for any unauthorized use. The service provider may use this information to contact you if an unauthorized transaction is suspected using your debit card.
Security of personal information:

SBI-US takes the security of information very seriously. SBI-US has established physical, technological and procedural systems and controls for protecting confidentiality of your personal information, which complies with federal regulations. SBI-US employees undergo training on an ongoing basis to keep the protection of consumer information a day-to-day priority.

Other Information:

This Privacy Policy applies to SBI-US products and services obtained by individuals for personal, family or household, non-business purposes.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or about the security and confidentiality of your nonpublic personal information, please call our Privacy Officer, at the branch where you maintain an account, who will be happy to assist you.

The contact information is as follows:

New York Branch Chicago Branch Los Angeles Wholesale Banking Branch
460 Park Avenue
New York NY 10022
Tel:(212) 521-3229
19 South LaSalle Street, Suite 200
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Tel: (312) 621 0135
Fax:(312) 621 0740
707 Wilshire Blvd, 19th Floor, Suite 1995
Los Angeles CA 90017
Tel:(213) 623 7250 Ex.17
Fax:(213) 622 2069

SBI-US reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time, but if we do so, we will notify you in a reasonable time when any change is implemented. We will also notify you annually as required by federal law.