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Please read the complete disclosure of account terms and fee schedule in the Customer Manual before applying for an account.

Forms Form No
Indian Rupee INR remittances to any Bank in India / USD remittances to a State Bank Branch in India RMT-2I
Wire transfers within USA / USD remittances to a non-State Bank Branch in India / Remittances in currencies other than USD / INR RMT-2C
Deposits- New Account
New Account for consumers Dep-1
MMD or Checking Account Dep-MC
Certificate of Deposit Dep-CD
Designation of Beneficiary(ies) DOB
Consumer Debit Card Application & Agreement Debit Card
Online Banking Application Form INB APP
Online Banking Transaction Rights INB TRAN
New Account for Businesses & Organizations Dep-3
Existing accounts

Customer Information Update form

For any change in Customer profile or Account details such as:

  1. Activation of Account
  2. Change of Address
  3. Change in Phone number
  4. Change in Email ID
  5. Change in Occupation
  6. Any other change in details
Ind - CIP
Corporate accounts updation form Corp- CIP
Service Request Form :
1. Conversion of Account
2. Statement of Account
3. Issue of Check Book
Dep- SR
Account Closure Dep-AC
Tax Related Forms
Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding W-8BEN / W-8BEN E
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification W9
Other Forms
Indemnity for lost Official Check or Certified Check OCI
Deceased Claimant Letter DCL
Affidavit for Deceased Settlement AFF

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Senior Citizen Certificate Of Deposit